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We’ve included solo emails (and subject line options), social media snippets, newsletter blurb and of course, your own personal tracking link to use in all promotions. Also, we’ve included some images you may want to use during promotion on social media as well as in mailings.

Launch Date: March 1, 2020

Promotion Period: February 16 – 29, 2020

Your Personal Tracking Link

Please copy/paste your link into the solo email & social media snippets.

Interview Air Dates

Your interview air date will be posted by February 14th
March 1 : Keesha

March 2 : Gabrielle

March 3 : Leah

March 4 : Inna

March 5 : Maria E.

March 6 : Shelly

March 7 : Nisha

March 8 : Laura

March 9 : Maria C

March 10 : TC

March 11 : Alise

March 12 : Gwen

March 13 : Alison

March 14 : KP

March 15 : Ashley

March 16 : Claudia

March 17 : Eva

March 18 : Nicole

March 19 : Kellee

March 20 : Christine

Promotional Copy

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Solo Email and Social Media Promotion

Before Air Date Promotion

Promotional Images

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