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Do You Feel Like Giving Up?

  I know what if feels like to want to give up on your relationship. When communication gets hard, you feel misunderstood and it seems like everything ends in an argument. When you feel like nothing is ever going to get better. YOU JUST WANT TO GIVE UP! I've felt that way so many times and still do sometimes. Those times when it seems like [...]

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Who Are You Talking To?

  Who are you talking to? Who are you hanging out with? What are they saying? Are they gossiping and putting people down? Are they constantly giving you their opinions and advice? OR are they listening to you and telling you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear? Here's the thing, you get to be very intentional about who you put in your [...]

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Are You Trying to Fix Everything?

  Perfectionist love to fix everything that's not quite right. You see something wrong and you want to fix it. It's hard to let it go and let it be. It "should" be this and it "shouldn't" be that. Instead of asking for help, you got this and you can do it yourself. Probably better than anyone else. Did you ever stop and think how [...]

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Thank You For The Acknowledgement

  Did you ever notice how much more people do for you when you show acknowledgement and appreciation? Whether it's the wait staff at restaurants, the concierge at a hotel, the flight attendants on your flight or the sales clerk at a store.  They all give a little bit extra when they are made to feel appreciated. So, why don't you acknowledge and appreciate everyone [...]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

  Oh the stories you tell yourself. You create these stories in your head based on assumptions, fears, and anxieties.  Left on your own, you could completely spin out with these stories. Keep in mind, everyone is dealing with their own RELATIONSHIP STYLE, based on their past experiences. You may not know the full story behind someone else's actions and reactions. When you filter someone else's [...]

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It’s Not Me, It’s YOU

  Did you ever have someone be short with or snap at you?  Of course you have.  How did it make you feel? Did you question what you said that may have caused them this person to react this way? I know I have. Thoughts entered my head like "what did I do wrong?", "they must be mad at me", or perhaps even, "they don't [...]

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Releasing Judgement from Your Body

  There are huge benefits in releasing judgements and expectations from your thoughts and actions. Have you noticed how some of the thoughts that you think create certain stressful feelings in your body? Or how your body responds to what someone else says or does? Sometimes, I find myself wondering why someone said or did something and make my own assumptions about it. The problem [...]

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What Are You Holding On To?

  Holding on to past hurts and betrayals prevents you from living in and enjoying the present. I know you have been hurt by some of the things that were said and done to you in the past, but if don't learn how to let go of the pain of the past, you will continue to cause damage to your relationships and you will not [...]

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      Are you a driven person? Are you always in the doing and in the busyness of life? If so, I was thinking about you today. I remember when I was building my real estate business from scratch. I was working my day job in dental hygiene and running the household while building a new business. I was so focused on doing what [...]

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