As a Relationship Style Success Coach, I am passionate about helping highly driven individuals restore intimacy to their relationships by using that drive to foster vulnerability and connection.

I know, first hand, how a driven personality type can often lead to disappointment, frustration and resentment in our personal relationships.

When I was building my real estate investment business, I was focused on the success of that business 24/7. There was barely any room for fun. All my conversations with my husband/business partner were about all things related to business.

Before long, goals were being met, opportunities were created and the success and accolades came. But my relationship with my husband had changed. All my focus and determination was on the business and we were drifting apart. We had lost the connection and fun that we had in the beginning of our relationship.

He was avoiding me and I was tired, angry and resentful. We tried therapy. Worked on our communication styles. But nothing seemed to be working. In fact, we seemed to grow further apart.

Then the truth came out. He was falling in love with someone else. He cheated. It was a punch in the gut, to say the least. But ultimately, it was this betrayal that became the catalyst to creating a relationship that we both desired and deserved.

We did the hard work and discovered how our different relationship “styles” contributed to our frustration with each other. And we found our way to a deeper, closer, compassionate connection. Make no mistake – it was hard, really hard. But we were BOTH committed to doing whatever it took to make this relationship successful.

I’m incredibly proud of the work we did and continue to do to create our life together. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others find their way back to intimacy and connection with each other.

I believe that highly driven individuals can use that drive to restore and maintain the passion, connection and put the FUN back into their relationships.